Communication Strategies

Integrated campaigns for TV, radio, web and print and online

A Multimedia strategy makes the most of your marketing and communication by using a range of multimedia options which are best suited to your business and the marketplace in which you operate.

At Mediastorm we use the latest technology, techniques and market research across a range of mediums to deliver maximum results.
Whatever the message your business would like to send to your customers, we can create it.

Think Strategically

Effective marketing and communication relies on planning for consistency across all your marketing. We take the time to understand your business, its goals and the market in which it operates resulting in marketing actions targeted to the right audiences at the right time and in the right way.

The power of consistency

A well developed and consistent approach reflected in all of your branding and communication helps audiences to develop an affinity for your brand or the message you want to deliver. They will immediately recognise your business, know your reputation and what you do.
Consistent messages, consistent advertising and consistent service bring consistent results.

Marketing Strategies

Helping you to identify where you want to go and how best to get there

Mediastorm can put you in control of your marketing with a tailored action plan developed to maximize your marketing and communication.

By creating strategic actions responding to your individual needs the result will be a strategic tool which will assist your business to grow.

Equipped with this knowledge we can then create effective and strategic advertising campaigns that respond to your individualised needs.

Marketing 5 simple steps

ASSESS – Working with you we strive to understand your business, its challenges and strengths, your goals and your existing and potential target markets.

PLAN - Equipped with this knowledge we can tailor an effective action plan designed to deliver results.

DRAFT – Proposed marketing plan including actions and timelines.

DELIVER – Roll out of actions as set out in the Action Plan

EVALUATE – Measure and evaluate the impact of the plan at key points throughout its implementation to ensure it is delivering results, continuous improvement and maximum effectiveness.