eDirect Email

Sharp, effective & punchy… eDirect will put you at the cutting edge of Digital marketing…

eDirect comprises of a short video of a nominated person from your business/corporation delivering a key message. The message is then developed into a visually appealing clip using music, graphics and photos. eDirect has unlimited potential.

The finished product is set within the body of an email to be sent to key email marketing lists and contacts. This offers a fantastic way to promote your business.

Furthermore, it sits on our secure server, eliminating upload and download costs to you when sending e-mails, it offers a valuable yet affordable marketing medium.

Don't just email your clients; WOW them with an eDirect email for your next newsletter, personalised message or to say thank you.

5 Big Reasons to use eDirect email

Grab people's attention instantly
Tell your story in less time
Convert more visitors into sales and enquiries - fast!
Use moving images and video to explain a thousand words - in seconds!                           

Click the image below to view a demo.

eDirect demo